Mariam Bashorun

Hi! My name is Mariam Bashorun and I am the creator of this fabulous blog. My beautiful online baby amu.dat was initially developed in 2011 as an African fashion blog that showcased the wealth of creative talent from the region that had gone largely unnoticed in mainstream media. The blog has since grown to not only cover African fashion but also beauty and the diaspora lifestyle. 

I am a freelance trained journalist (yep, I've got a degree people!) and I have written for Swallow Our Words, Nu People Magazine and Migreat. I'm also the founder of the Black British Bloggers Network which is all about connecting fabulous bloggers with each other and the businesses that want to work  with them. 

Getting to write this blog and work on the BBB network is me living the dream. I am forever grateful to everyone who hops on by and engages with my little corner of the internet.