Happenings: Africa on the Catwalk

What a great day! The sun made a rare appearance at the Southbank Centre where the great and good alike had gathered for a fun day at the African Utopia festival. I and my talented fashion designer buddy Tolga (more on him in the future) where there for the Africa on the Catwalk show. As with all great shows, everyone was running late but there was such a great vibe from the audience that no one really minded. 
The show kicked off with the super talented Kezia Frederick who first popped on to my radar after her Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 showcase. Read more on the by clicking HERE. It was so thrilling to see her pieces and I must confess I am lusting after the entire collection. If I had to pick just one look, it would be the blue flower print matching top and skirt with the contrast flouro back. 
She was followed by Bestow Elan whose new collection was gasp inducingly good. There was a gorgeous dusty maroon 50s style dress with a futurist neckline that's definitely going on the wish list, as well as a very interesting over sized, anti structure black jersey playsuit.
ChiChia then added a heavy dose of sports luxe to proceedings with models strutting down the catwalk in visors and oilcloth backpacks provided by Ugos Boutique. Khanga print as always was the real star of the show clothes wise but this time we saw heavy embellishment on the shoulders and touches of leather, perfect to take in to autumn/winter.
Eki Orleans ended proceedings with a selection of beautifully printed evening dresses in blue and orange as well as a stunning bikini and cover up. The star for me had to be the backless blue dress with the fringed printed train, just stunning! That's the sort of dress you need to make an entrance. 
Below are some pics I managed to capture at the event. Please excuse my depressingly amateur attempts, I shall try and source some better pics in the near future. 

Note the neon socks at Kezia Frederick
The dream two piece at Kezia Frederick

Fierce girls at Kezia Frederick

Loving the print at Bestow Elan

Lusting over this mini dress at Bestow Elan

All wish list worthy at Bestow Elan

Sunshine yellow shorts at Bestow Elan

Printful jacket at Bestow Elan

ChiChia - Really want that backpack

Full line up at Eki Orleans