The High Street Sale Review

The end of sale is nigh and most of the high street is already stocked with their Autumn/Winter 2012 collections.  All very exciting but it all feels a bit soon to me. I can't look at knitwear right now, my heart still hopes that some semblance of summer will turn up. It is truly a case of 'better late than never'. 
Anyhoo, I shopped like a beast during the summer sales and below are my absolute fave  bargains. Try and have a guess at the full price and then the price I paid. A few clues for you, one of them is a sample sale, both shoes are leather and another had a further 20% knocked off at the till.  All will be revealed at the bottom of the page!

1. River Island Leather Sandals from £50 down to £20 2. Office Leather Lace Up Sandals from £55 down to £8 3. Darling Bomber Jacket (Sample Sale) RRP £59 down to £15
Did you guess right???