Maki Oh SS13 Collection

Maki Oh is back for SS13 with another inspiring collection that once again straddles the boundaries between fashion and art. With a narrative based around secrets, this collections' most prominent motif is that of an all seeing eye. It is printed in bright orange across skirts and jackets, appliqued in raffia on lace blouses and skirts - the message is clear we are being watched. She also uses the traditional square spiral print to allude to Nigerian compounds where no secrets can be kept.
Narrative aside, the genius of Maki Oh is in designer Amaka Osakwe's  modern approach to Africa inspired design. It is always unexpected, slightly avant garde and completely refreshing. I'm still holding out for the day this brand gets international recognition and more importantly UK stockists!
As always it would be a dream if this entire collection were housed in my wardrobe but to settle on just one piece, it would have to be the navy blue box print skirt with the maroon fringing. What are you favourite pieces in the collection? Share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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