BITE by Dent De Man

Hey guys, Billy here. I have recently been introduced to a brand called Dent De Man and I think it's safe to say I AM IN LOVE! The East London based brand is a “straight forward approach to menswear with a twist of traditional African print”. It's a very unique concept that I feel needed to be done. Though suits are traditionally seen as sleek and formal, I have always seen them to be, well....bland. Men tend to use pocket squares, cuff links, shirts, ties and bow ties to add colour and style to their suits to make them pop, but Dent De Man has completely eradicated the necessity to do any of the above by making African Ankara inspired suits, pants and jackets. The vibrant coloured fabrics have been taken from rare authentic 70's African print material to make sleek skinny suits for the modern man. 

Recently their diffusion brand, BITE by Dent De Man, was introduced at TopMan with pants raging from £55 ($110) - £70 ($140) so if you want a piece of the pie, for a reasonable price, now you can! My personal favourite are the BITE “Paradis Bleu” printed pants.
Paradis Bleu pants front and back view
I love this brand and everything that they represent; they say their style represents “the confidence to stand out without the arrogance of a showman” which is not a bad way to go about your day.
Labrinth in a Dent De Man suit at the Brit Awards
Billy Busari

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