Bow Ties From House Of IyZaiah

Hey guys, Billy here.

I was browsing through the wonderful world of tumblr, like I usually do, and I came across this post:
As I have mentioned before, I'm obsessed with bow ties, so of course I was instantly mesmerized. I dug a little deeper and found that they are from a brand called House of IyZaiah. House of IyZaiah is the invention of Akua Serwaa-Sarfo, a Ghanaian designer based in Canada/UK. What was initially meant to be a sophisticated all women's clothing line has now branched out to include both men and women accessories. I'm glad they did because these bow ties are pretty intense!
Even though they can be worn casually, I would probably wait for a formal event to wear them (wedding, banquet, red carpet, etc). I would pair it with a plain shirt, a pair of loud coloured pants (Dent De Man pants for example) and dress shoes to match OR with a plain shirt, a patterned jacket with similar colours to the bow tie and a pair of black or navy pants with dark coloured dress shoes so the bow tie and jacket really stand out. Adding a pair of cuff links to match the colour of the chain wouldn't hurt either.
You can add one of these bow ties to your collection of accessory treasures for about £30/$45 .
Billy Busari

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