Get To Know Kauli

It's been far too long since I've done a post on a brand who have that 'looking good, doing good' factor so let me introduce you to Kauli. 

Kauli (the swahili word for 'voice') is an African ethical fashion boutique rooted on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania. It was launched early last year by TEACH, a charity organisation who aim to alleviate poverty through the power of education.

The boutique will feature products that have been assembled by a team of young talented women from the areas surrounding the mountain. This will provide a stable income for the women, and they will also benefit from courses in business, craftsmanship and life skills. In turn the profit generated from the boutique will be used to generate funds for TEACH to help sustain it's educational programmes for Tanzanian youth. 

The first collection produced by Kauli is a series of beautiful handcrafted bags inspired by African art forms. All the textiles and leather used in the bags construction have been sourced from inside the continent which is great for the local economy. 

mkoba wa mfanykazi: bag of the worker

mkoba wa mwenyefuraha: bag of the happy person

I've previously professed my love for the 'big bag' so it's no surprise that my favourite is the 'mkoba wa mganga: bag of the medicine man'. You could fit your whole life in there! I love the strappy leather detailing on the handles and base of the bag. The muted print on the body is just perfect as you can match it with anything.
mkoba wa mganga: bag of the medicine man

mkoba wa msomaji: bag of the reader

You can get your hands on one of these lovelies by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will fund an extra five members of staff as well as new machinery and materials. With only 48 hours left to meet their £20,000 target, get pledging! There is a reward system in place for any pledge over £5 and a £199 pledge and above will get you any bag from their first collection. 

Click HERE to contribute and check out their website for more information on the brand. 

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