MENSWEAR: How To Bukki For AW/13

Hey Guys, Billy Here,

It's about that time were I start looking for new items/styles to wear for the Autumn (Fall) season and I came across Bukki during my window shopping adventures. I really love the uniqueness and edginess of the collection (Ed Note: Me too!). Here are a few examples of how I would wear Bukki next season:

Denim Vest:
Image 1 of Bukki Denim Gilet with African Print Panel

I like how the model is wearing a crew neck underneath the vest in the picture. With autumn being a rather chilly season, I would probably make the same decision occasionally swapping the crew neck out with button up shirts, thermal shirts and small hoodies. On those not so chilly days I would wear a solid autumnal coloured shirt with the sleeves rolled or pulled up under the left open vest, a pair of dark coloured skinny jeans and boots. I would finish the look with a beanie (preferably one with a ball at the end) styled to show a little bit of hair in the front, put on some woven or beaded bracelets and I'm on my way.

Jigsaw Shirt:
SALE ITEM. Bukki Jigsaw Shirt
I really like the uniqueness of this shirt, I would definitely have a lot of fun with this piece. I could wear it as is, buttoned up all the way to the top, wearing black skinny jeans and dark low cut sneakers. That way the focus is all on the shirt. I would then keep accessories to a minimum with a dark coloured hat (beanie, backwards snapback, five panel hat, or fedora) and maybe a link chain underneath the collar of the shirt and cufflinks to match if I'm feeling up to it.
I could also wear it with the sleeves rolled up and a buttoned up denim vest over the top, drawing attention to the contrasting sleeves. I'd team this with a pair of rugged maroon skinny jeans and black Dr. Martens with the trouser legs tucked in to the boots.  I would accessorize with a few pin buttons on the denim vest (making sure to put some white buttons to balance out the white sleeve), add bracelets and finish with a beanie.  

Tank Top:
SALE ITEM. Bukki SS12 tank
I would wear the tank top underneath an open flannel or plaid shirt. I would make sure that the colour of the shirt compliments the colour of the printed fabric in the middle of the tank top. With this particular tank top, I would either wear a maroon, black, brown, or if I'm feeling risky an army green flannel shirt, pair it with black skinny or straight fit jeans and a pair of sneakers. I would finish the look with a backwards five panel hat or a trapper hat, faux reading glasses and some bracelets. If the weather gets warmer, I would take off the flannel shirt and wrap the arms around my waist for a retro 90's vibe.  

I hope these suggestions helped create some ideas for this upcoming season. Just a reminder, this is how I would wear each piece, my style could be completely different than yours, but I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback on theses pieces, you can tweet or e-mail me at or @thiskiddbilly.

Billy Busari

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