Autumn Style: Semi-formal with Ohema Ohene

Hey Guys, Billy Here.

As I was researching for my previous article, Autumn Essentials, I came across a few pieces at Ohema Ohene that I was quite impressed with. What captured my eye was the simplicity of the details in their clothing. They have many great semi formal pieces and I've come up with three outfits that can be worn this up coming season.

Semi-formal outfits are usually worn at more relaxed formal events. They can also be worn on a general day to day basis. I like wearing semi-formal outfits every now and then because it does give me a sense of importance that helps to boost my confidence.

The first outfit concept I have come up with is quite simple, with this you are just putting the pieces together and letting the designs do the talking. I would wear Ohema Ohene's Asante Yoke Back shirt buttoned all the way up, tucked into either dark brown or maroon slim-fit dress pants and a pair of light brown loafers or Oxford shoes. I would then accessorize with a light brown belt. I love this concept because normally the outfit would be quite plain, but the minimal use of Ankara fabric on the shirt makes it more striking. You could add a solid dark coloured tie or bow tie, I personally wouldn't because of how much I like the design on the shirt. I would want people to notice it and a tie could take attention away from the shirt.

The second outfit is designed for colder weather and can be altered to fit any colour that goes with this season. I would wear a plain long sleeve white button up shirt and I would accessorize it with Ohema Ohene's Spotty bow tie and their Sika cufflinks. I'd then add a navy v-neck sweater to wear over the shirt, pulling up the sleeves of the sweater. Thus the cuff of the sweater sits on top of the cuff of the shirt bringing contrast to that area of the shirt. I would then add khaki coloured slim-fit dress pants and black dress shoes. I could then add a brown messenger bag depending on where I'm going. You could interchange the bow tie with a skinny tie or another coloured bow tie, Oheme Ohene has a number of different ones to choose from. You could also change colours of the shirt, sweater and pants in this outfit to fit your preference.

The last outfit concept is aimed towards light-hearted formal events. This could include weddings, business parties, and red carpet events, places you would want to dress to impress. I would wear a navy blue button up shirt, accessorizing it with a dark orange tie and pairing it with navy dress pants. Then add Ohema Ohene's Shell print blazer and finish the look with either dark khaki or dark orange loafers. I would make sure to keep the blazer closed and either wear no show socks or omit wearing socks all together with the loafers.

I hope this article helped to give you an idea of some semi-formal outfits you can don this upcoming season. If you have suggestions or ideas as well, let me know by e-mailing me at or tweet me @thiskiddbilly.

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