Menswear: New York Fashion Week

Hey Guys, Billy Here

This past week here in America was New York Fashion Week. Fashion designers from different backgrounds came out to the Mercedes-Benz sponsored event to showcase their masterpieces for the Spring '14 season. Though most of the designs I saw were womenswear, there where a couple of outfits for men that really stood out to me. Here are a couple that caught my eye:

Todd Synder:
I really like the way he mixed formal pieces and casual pieces to make a casual outfit. If I'm going to be honest, some of the outfits did look a little awkward, but the ones above really came together.

Ricardo Seco:
This past season and this current season I have seen leather being used for pieces other than jackets and I am completely here for it! Whether it's just a little accent or the whole article of clothing is leather, I absolutely love it and when I saw Ricardo Seco's showcase outfits I pretty much jumped out of my seat! I'm looking forward to Spring '14!


Nautica showcased some great knit sweaters for those chilly spring/summer evenings on the beach.


I was fascinated by the printed suit jackets and trousers Libertine showcased. I especially liked the ones with the stamp effect. They're  something I had never seen before which is always good.

J. Crew:

Of course J. Crew impressed with their semi-formal style. I honestly didn't see much of a difference between their showcase and the pieces they sell now, but it still reached the high standards in style that J. Crew is known for.

These were a few of my favourites, if you want to check out the ones I left out and other runway showcases click HERE and let me know what you think. For my next article I will be showing you how you can style outfits using these pieces with an Afrocentric twist, so stay tuned for that. As usual you can tell me your thoughts on the mentioned runway photos above at or tweet me @BillyBusari.

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