Designer Spotlight: Zekaryas Solomon

Hey Guys, Billy Here

It's finally cold over here in the states and I'm on a mission to find the perfect jacket for this season. Through this online shopping adventure I have created for myself, I came across an Eritrean designer by the name of Zekaryas Solomon. When I saw his work, I stopped, stared and became obsessed with his craft. The clothes he designs are so creative and different, it's actually quite refreshing to see that someone is doing something new, that is meant to be worn on a day to day basis. Solomon initially studied architecture before he transferred over into fashion and it definitely shows in his work. As someone who also was initially pursuing a career in architecture, I noticed that the structure of his clothing had some architectural influences in it. The lines and angles of his pieces are quite distinct and precise and the way they fit the body shows that every angle of the human body was taken into consideration. His studies were definitely not in vain.

I would also go on a whim here and say that Solomon also had an interest in history. Some of his clothing reminds me of a modernized version of the clothes found during the 1800's. From the type of buttons he uses to the styles of the harem pants and waistcoats he creates, I see a modern take on clothing they wore during the Civil War which I've never seen done before.
I look at his work and I just see wearable art. I see a masterpiece with a story to tell. There's different aspects and so much detail that I could look and decipher it all day. It's the way it makes me feel, think and inspires that makes me consider it to be a masterpiece. What do you guys think of the work of Zekaryas Solomon? Sound off in the comments below.
Billy Busari

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