Fan Girl Moment: Solange Knowles

In 6 short weeks, I shall be saying goodbye to my relaxed ends and finally embracing my afro in all it's glory. Considering it's only hair, I'm strangely excited. My mother on the other hand is anxious, she remembers snapping combs in the dense thicket that rested on my adolescent head. 'What are you actually going to do with it?!?!' is the question of choice. I usually mumble something about braid outs or wax lyrical about the merits of bantu knots but really the fear is creeping in. What happens if I just can't deal? My comb budget is non-existent!

In moments like these, I look to natural hair beauty Solange Knowles. A musician in the spotlight beloved by fashion and beauty aficionados. She has a penchant for African designers and a mane of gorgeous natural hair. From single braids to braid outs, she always stays true to her quirky sense of style and I'm all about that. When the time comes, I shall channel that spirit and rock my 'fro with pride. 

Below are some of my favourite hair moments from Solange. Feel free to share yours on Facebook or Twitter.