Hair Update: My First Braid Out

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself to let go of the safety net that is braids and start working with my natural hair. I've been watching loads of natural hair tutorials from my favourite video bloggers HairCrush and Nikkimae2003. Between them, I found loads of inspiration and styling tips. Last weekend marked 49 weeks post relaxer so I took out my beloved braids and set to work.

My Tools 

I decided to attempt a braid out as it's such a cute look and I've really missed having volume. After a thorough wash, I trimmed my ends and spent just under an hour putting my hair into plaits. I didn't use many products, just water and Twisted Sista Curl Activator to set the plaits. I used flexi rods on the ends to add extra bounce and help blend in the 2 inches of still processed hair. I let them dry for the rest of the day and slept with the flexi rods in. The following morning I unravelled the plaits and teased out the curls. I added a little Vatika enriched coconut oil for moisture and et voila!

Please excuse my lack of makeup! 

I am really happy with the results considering it's only my first attempt. It's so bouncy and curly, I love it. There are little tweaks I would make the next time I do it but all in all I'm happy. I'm going to try and keep it in till the end of the week and try different styles with it. I'll be uploading the different looks on Instagram so follow me @bashorunm to see how I get on!

Do you have any natural hair styling tips? Please share them via Twitter, the Facebook page or just in the comments below!

Images were taken by me