My Bantu Knot Out Experiment

As part of my ongoing quest to get to know my hair this summer, I've been experimenting with different styles. I've mastered the braid out, got to grips with the twist out and now I'm entering into the world of the bantu knot out.

For reasons I can't fully explain, I've always been weary of the bantu knot. It's the one style I have been somewhat reluctant to try. Maybe it's because it had it's heyday in the 90s or maybe it's because it reminds me of Bjork who I've always found a little scary. Either way, I decided to shake off my doubts and give it a try.

My hair had been washed, conditioned and moisturised that morning and was already split in to four sections. I let it air dry until it was just a little damp to the touch. Then I started to put my knots in. I used the method described in the video below which I found on the NaturallyCurly website.

To hold the curls I tried a sample I'd received of the Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme by Beautiful Textures (full review coming soon). Putting the knots in was fairly easy and took less time than I expected. I did about 20 knots in total and left them in overnight.

My knots

The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised that none of the knots had come undone during the night. I unravelled the knots and found them a little too defined for my liking. I looked like I had 20 mini slinky's shooting out of my head, not a good look! After much fluffing and teasing, I had a cute retro style do that I really liked. I hadn't retained much in terms of length but I wasn't fussed.

Front view

Back view

I managed to keep it in for three days with very little maintenance on my part. I spritzed with a mix of olive oil and water before bed and threw on my satin cap. Fluffed a little in the morning and I was good to go. Next time I do it, I'll do more knots and use less product so it falls a little softer. All in all I would say thumbs up for the bantu knot out. It's a cute do that lasts, not sure it'll replace the twist out as favourite but I'm more than happy to add it to my styling repertoire.

What are your thoughts on the bantu knot out? Do you prefer a twist out/braid out? Share your thoughts in the comments below!