My Mini Twist Experience

My decision to mini twist was fairly well thought out, I knew I had a busy month coming up and I needed a low maintenance style that I could carry for most if not all the month. I'd considered getting havana twists but the cost of getting them installed was off putting and I didn't really need the extra hair as it was fast turning into the hottest summer ever! So after some research, I decided that mini twists were the style for me.

Yes they would be time consuming to put in but I could do it myself and in stages that I could fit around my schedule. I used the method as described by Naptural85 below except with different products. I'm not a fan of gel so I used Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme to hold the twists (read my review here).

Three days and a pair of aching hands later, I was done! I was pretty happy with the results, the twists were shiny, full and had great movement. There was a little more frizz around the roots than I would like but it didn't bother me too much.

My first week with the twists were great. I moisturised my hair every other day with a light spritz of water followed with coconut oil. I took extra care with the ends, saturating them with my olive oil and water spray and sealing the moisture in with my shea butter mix. I wore them loose in the day, sometimes adding a little serum to the roots to combat the ever increasing frizz and wrapped them at night.

Twists end of week 1

The second week of twists was less successful. My moisturising routine had fallen to the wayside and I was just throwing product at my hair whenever I remembered. I actually think I was over moisturising and weighing down my hair. The frizz was out in full force along my side parting so I switched to a centre parting. I would highly recommend when installing mini twists to allow for different partings as without that choice I would have probably taking out the style a lot sooner.

My night time routine also fell apart by the middle of the second week. Too many late nights meant I didn't have the energy to wrap my hair before bed which led to shrinkage and frizz. As a compromise, I made efforts to pineapple my hair in four small sections and sleep in a satin cap. This worked to some degree, but what I soon realised was that it was stretching my hair unevenly. The curls at the back of my head are significantly looser than the front and sides so by the end of the week, the back was looking straggly and thin and the front dense. Visually I had a mullet.

End of second week twists

By the third week, people had started asking me if I was locking my hair. This wasn't exactly the reaction I was hoping for. At this point, the updo came out in full force. My go to was pinning the sides and back up, allowing for a small fringe at the top. This was my last week in twists as some had started unravelling especially around the edges and it was getting harder and harder to control the frizz.

Take down was a lot easier than expected and I did it over the course of one long evening. Taking a small section I dampened the twists with olive oil and water before gently unravelling. I finger detangled to remove any shed hairs and then combed through with my wide tooth comb. Once all the twists were out, I coated my hair in coconut oil as a pre-poo for the next day. And so ended my mini twist experience.

My feelings about mini twists are mixed. While they served their purpose of keeping my morning routine simple on my more busy days, I found keeping them looking their best took a lot more work than I expected.

What are your thoughts on mini twists? Are they worth the effort as a low maintenance style? What low maintenance/protective styles work for you?

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