My New Love: Headwraps!

It's 6.45 and you need to leave the house at 7. You have one shoe on and eyeliner on your cheek. Worse still your hair is all sorts of messed up. I'm talking a million day old twists with an unpleasant frizz halo. I'm talking a wash and go that is NOT going anywhere. This dear readers, is an all too familiar scenario. In these instances, just take a deep breath and reach for your trusty headwrap.

I recently discovered the power of the headwrap when I had a gig to get to and very wet hair. I had no time to do anything but fashion a headwrap. A quick Youtube search later and I was good to go. In less than ten minutes my hair was protected and dare I say it, the style looked good!

Note: I wore my satin cap underneath as I used a cotton scarf

Note: I wore my satin cap underneath as I used a cotton scarf

Below is the Youtube tutorial from EstAre LIVE that inspired my wrap. I did the first style she shows but instead of tucking over the second section to cover the knot, I twisted it and wrapped it around the knot.

The headwrap is a winner in my book and I'm looking forward to trying lots of different styles. Youtube vlogger Nadira037 has great tutorial on ten different ways to tie a headwrap. All very cute and super quick. You can check those out below. If you want to see how I get on with the headwraps, follow me on instagram @bashorunm.