Should You Ditch Your Body Moisturiser?

As part of my natural hair journey, I discovered the power of organic vitamin rich oils and ever since I have been determined to incorporate oils into every part of my beauty regimen. I have had great success with coconut oil as an eye cream and night cream. Over the last six months, I've been experimenting with avocado oil as a replacement for my drugstore body moisturiser.

The first couple of months, I was in skin heaven. I would warm two teaspoons of avocado oil in my hands and massage it into my skin every morning. The lovely oil absorbed easily and left me with smooth lush skin that lasted all day. There was no greasy residue and my skin felt incredibly soft. I was fully converted to the oil cause and I spread the good word to anybody who would listen. 

Fast forward to the present day and the oil glow has somewhat faded. While the top half of my body still enjoys the benefits of avocado oil, my legs are completely over it. By late afternoon, my legs look and feel completely dry. I'm talking grey and scaly, more reptilian than human. Not a good look.  

I tried exfoliating more frequently and applying the avocado oil when my skin was wet. This improved things slightly but not to the original glory of when I first started using the oil. I won't give up though. I intend to experiment with different oils until I find an oil mix that will work for me. I am currently road testing a mix that contains avocado oil, coconut oil and rose oil. I will keep you posted.

So should you ditch your body moisturiser? Not quite yet. Organic oils have their benefits and a lot of promise but I've not yet cracked the code for long lasting moisture. If anyone else out there is experimenting with body oils, share your tips and ideas. Do you layer it over a light lotion? Are you using it in the shower? Please let me know!