When I was newly natural, the idea of a Wash and Go seemed so appealing. After all you just washed you hair and went on with your day right? WRONG! After some research, I realised a 'Wash and Go' was anything but that. I found countless tutorials where women spent more time than I deemed necessary trying to create the perfect Wash and Go. It was more like the Wash-Deep Condition-Oil Rinse-Leave in-Gel-Re Wash-Wait 6 Hours and Go. Definitely no for me...or so I thought.

At the beginning of this summer, I found myself growing bored of my week long twists and weekend twist out routine. Now my hair is thicker and longer, installing the twists is taking too long and cutting into my 'living my life' time. I need a style that is as near to instant as possible, I need a literal Wash and Go. So I am doing just that. No fancy tricks, just washing my hair and living my life. 

Me and my fuss free Wash and Go at Afro Hair and Beauty Live!.  

Me and my fuss free Wash and Go at Afro Hair and Beauty Live!.


Check out my pared down routine below, it's pretty much my wash routine which I do once week or if I'm feeling lazy every other week. Results vary every time but that's half the fun.

1. Finger detangle hair and part into four manageable sections. (I've been known to skip this part, if my hair is already stretched from an old twist out.)

2. Wash hair in sections with sulphate free shampoo.  

3. Apply silicone free conditioner to each section and twist. Leave for 3 -  5 minutes or however long you can stand. Untwist each section, rinse and re-twist. 

4. Apply coconut oil and hair butter to each section. Leave to dry. I sometimes re-twist my hair back into 4 - 8 chunky twists at this stage and pop on a turban, it's out of the way and I can get on with my day. It does take longer to dry though. 

5. Once dry, fluff out your hair and LIVE!

You can use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to speed up the drying process. I've never tried this so I don't know how this would affect the results. I usually keep my hair out until it becomes an unsightly frizzball, usually after about 5 days. Then I tease it out and wear in a high puff until the next wash day rolls round.

What's your Wash and Go routine? Share tips and ideas in the comments below!