Single Girls Guide To Valentine's Day

Being single on Valentine's Day is supposed to be the worst. All the hallmark cards and movies tell you there's a party and without a plus one you are not invited. I beg to disagree. I'm single and I'm really looking forward to Valentine's day. That's right, no Bridget Jones-esque clichés over here. I'm very comfortable being single, it's my choice and not a cross to bear. As such being single on Valentine's Day feels the same as being single any other day of the year. Pretty fantastic.

Relationship status aside, I enjoy Valentine's day because it's so cheesy. It's not about the hard work of real life relationships, it's a day that celebrates romcom versions of romance. It's kissing in the rain, boombox outside your window, flowers in your hair nonsense. It's far too ridiculous to not get involved in. Below are a list of things singletons can do this Valentine's Day to really feel the romcom love*.

1. Hold eye contact with every attractive person you meet for a little too long - In romcom world, everyone is constantly staring at each other and it's not creepy at all.


2. Take advantage of the M&S Dine in For Two - Have you seen their Valentine's day menu?! Invite a friend over and dine like KINGS!

3. Sing at the birds outside your window - This one is an ode to Disney princesses everywhere. A family of crows live in the tree in my garden. I shall be serenading them. 


4. Bump into strangers - Physically bumping into people with such force that they drop everything is how great romance is born. FACT!


5. Eat heart shaped foods - Everything tastes better in a heart shape. 


6. Send 'I love you' texts to everyone in your phone - Your plumber and favourite take away place need love too. 


7. Send flowers to your mum - She loves you the most anyway.

* I take no responsibility for any embarrassment/assaults/arrests caused by this list. Love is a risky business.