My Internet Detox: One Week Offline

Ahhh the internet. Where would we be without it?? If you are reading this, it would be fair to say you are a fan. We have more ways to keep in contact and share information than ever before. Everything is a Google search away and better yet we can do it on our smartphones. What happens though, when the deluge of information becomes too much?



It is so easy to get lost in the wonders of the world wide web. I have spent hours if not days of my life just absorbing largely trivial information on Buzzfeed. That's right, I'm addicted to Buzzfeed. How else would I find out which dark magical creature I am??? FYI I'm a Basilisk. I'm also a lover of Stumbleupon, Instagram, Twitter and don't even get me started on Youtube. I've probably watched more hair videos than there is hair on my head. My breaking point however was when I watched the sun rise over my smartphone. I couldn't (and still can't) believe I had spent all night perusing the web. It was time to detox. With a holiday to Portugal on the way, it was the perfect time to excuse myself from the net and just enjoy the sun. One week sans internet. 

It was actually brilliant. I was surprised how easy it was for me to just let it all go. While most of my family scrambled for signal at the merest hint of free WiFi, I allowed myself to enjoy the silence. Ignorance truly was bliss. I managed to read three books on this trip and really took the time to clear my head. I thought I would feel like I was missing out but I was thankful for the space. I now plan to approach my internet use with more thoughtfulness. Not everything on there is deserving of my attention and my world doesn't fall apart if I switch off every now and then. 

With that in mind, if you are reading this at 4am and you are only halfway through your bloglovin' list, I encourage you to switch your phone off and go to sleep. Trust me, those other amazing posts will still be there in the morning.