The Interview: Elizabeth Puddicombe is Taking Over The World!

I have always been obsessed with other women's stories. Their journeys. It can be motivating, inspiring and life affirming. With that in mind, I have been working on a series of interviews with women who are forging their own paths in their respective fields. Brave, real women who inspire me and hopefully inspire you too.

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In this second installment, Elizabeth Puddicombe founder of urban news and lifestyle website, Swallow Our Words, shares her thoughts on starting her own media empire all before leaving university!

Elizabeth Puddicombe

Elizabeth Puddicombe

What was the motivation behind Swallow Our Words?

Swallow Our Words came about when myself and a few friends were looking for platforms to write but to no luck. Following rejection, I sought out to create my own platform where I could recruit like minded people and just write. Since February 2012, we have written thousands of posts, covered events, interviewed people and grown from strength to strength. I literally just wanted to write and wanted people to write with me *haha*.

What's the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

Timing! And moving to Leicester for university. I started SOW when I was in college and it was easy juggling two things but as I've gotten older and started university I've had less and less time, but I've refused to give up. It's hard doing a million things at once, then finding the time to write AND REPLY EMAILS! I used to be so good at that.

What's been your greatest achievement?

Swallow Our Words is my greatest achievement! It's done better than I can imagine. I'm usually the youngest person at press events and it used to be a bit weird but now I love it!

What's next for Swallow Our Words?

Who knows?! Right now, I'm working on Swallow Our Words presents Unwind which is a bi monthly entertainment showcase in Leicester. We launched in January with over 120 students in attendance! So that and just more content.

What advice would you give aspiring journalists?

I'm still in the early  stages of my career, just write! Find places looking for writers and do that for a while. Get some work published. I did GRM Daily, MOBO and Pardon My Blog, all very fun and different. Go ThinkBig is a great site for you to sign up for events to network and also apply for placements, work experience is so fun! Just go out and meet people and network your butt off!!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

Check out Swallow Our Words at for great content, info about events and to see what Elizabeth comes up with next.

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