My Hair Is Not Here For Your Enjoyment

I was crossing the street when I heard a horn *beep*, assuming it was another irate London driver I carried on my way without even lifting my head to acknowledge their presence. I was too deep into alt-J. Fast forward a couple of minutes, I am walking down a side road when I see a man in his 40's gesticulating towards me. I reluctantly pull out my headphones to engage with this stranger.

MAN: I beeped at you as you were crossing the street but you ignored me...

ME: *Blank stare*

MAN: I drove down here just so I could tell you I really like your hair - you look nice today. 

ME: *Confused stare*

MAN: *Expectant smile*

ME: Right well er...thanks

I popped my headphones back in and marched off at a brisk pace. This was a stark reminder of why I don't wear my hair out often - it calls too much attention. I have had men shout things across the street at me about my hair. There have been other occasions like this one where once ignored, I have then been followed.

Like all other aspects of my femininity, it seems my hair is something I must also hide just so I can get through the day without being confronted by some idiot who thinks it's all for him. It makes me so angry because I LOVE my hair. I went on a natural hair journey for me. Now I feel like some of that enjoyment is being taken from me.

Dudes, please leave me alone. This isn't for you. This is for me. I am not flattered because I did not seek your validation. I am just out here trying to get on with the business of living. Kindly do the same.