Life Update: Freelancing, Black British Bloggers & Tinder

So I did another one of my disappearing acts and left my blog in the dust. My last published post was in September 2015 (shock! horror!) and so many blog worthy moments have gone unpublished. I could make a bunch of excuses but really I lost the inclination to write for this blog. It happens sometimes. I could beat myself up about it but I'd rather not. While I was busy not blogging, I was getting up to lots of other exciting things. Firstly, I went back to...


Being a writer has been my dream since I was 16 so when people are willing to pay for my words, it really turns me on. Freelancing is perfect for me because I can do it around the day job  plus I can be selective about what I choose to write. I am hoping this is the year that I can finally take the leap and freelance full time.


Last September I set up the Black British Blogger Network because there aren't very many spaces for Black British writers and our stories deserve to be heard. I wasn't really sure how it would go but I have been bowled over at the response. I'm going to be working on that a lot this year so my little blog may be taking a few more back seats but it's for a greater good!


As you all know, I'm one of those perpetually single types because relationships are emotionally draining and I'm out here trying to build a career palace. That being said, I can't ignore the deep side eyes of my family and friends so I'm on Tinder. I've swiped right 6 times and been matched twice. I've had zero conversations so clearly I shall be married by the end of the year. I may or may not blog about my dating adventures...

So that's been me! I've got my blogging juices back so expect more of the usual fun and games.