My Favourite Jewellery!

To wrap up my accessories love in, here are my favourite pieces of jewellery. Nothing gets me more excited than new sparkles and there is so much out there it's hard to restrain myself.

During summer, I live in plain jersey dresses so anything statement that will lift an outfit is my best friend. So it's no surprise, that I'm drooling over everything by Heart365. So much glamour *sigh*. I also have a serious thing for Mikuti bangles, they are modern Africa and the dream is to own a stack in all the designs. When it comes to fabric jewellery, I can't hype US based brand Ankara&Lace enough. So cute and very affordable!

What are your favourite types of jewellery? Any of the pieces below tickle your fancy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

1.Heart365 Beads and Crystal Collar £150

2.Bronze Plated Collar from Zulu Boutique £36.70

3.Yellow Multi-strand Bead from Zulu Boutique £32

4.Heart365 Snakeskin Beaded Collar available at Styled By Africa £190

5.Heart365 Bead and Crystal Waterfall Necklace £155

6.MADE Brass Pendant Necklace available at Sapelle £27 

7.Green Agate Pendant from Zulu Boutique £34

8.Heart365 Charm Pendant available at Styled By Africa £80

Arm Candy:

1. The Ndau Collection Gilded Beast Bracelets Available at Styled By Africa, from £189.99 each

2.Mikuti Beaded Aluminium Bangles from $145 each

3.Massai Beaded Cuff from Zulu Boutique £31.50

4.MADE Skinny Brass Bracelets from £15


1. MADE Brass Ring available at Sapelle £35

2.Large Blue Agate Ring from Zulu Boutique £35 

3.Heart365 Gold Plated Thorn Knuckleduster £60 

4.MADE Rectangular Bone Ring £35

1. Massai Inspired Beaded Earrings from Zulu Boutique £16.70

2.Peacock Feather Earrings from Zulu Boutique £16

3.Heart365 Blue Crystal Earrings £90

4.Ankara&Lace Drop Circle Earrings $12

5.Large Woven Circle Earrings from The Afropolitan Shop $6.50

6.Heart365 Thorn Charm Earrings £70 

7. MADE Brass Drop Earrings from £15

8.Embody Recycled Aluminium Earrings from Sapelle £18

9.Tuareg Silver Earrings available at Sapelle from £25