From Runway to Sidewalk: Afrocentric Twist on NYFW

Hey Guys, Billy Here.

If you remember, my last article was about my favourite pieces and outfits from the past New York Fashion Week where designers debuted their masterpieces for the Spring '14 season. As promised, I've taken pieces from the fashion show and have given them an afrocentric twist by adding pieces from afrocentric brands and designers. View them below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Nautica Meets Ohema Ohene

For this look I decided to use the pants that the model is wearing from the Nautica showcase and added the Ohema Ohene cardigan from their recently added fall collection. The maroon coloured shirt is to be worn under the cardigan but can be replaced with a t-shirt of your choice that compliments the colours of the cardigan. I added the wood beads, the wood watch, and the Toms sneakers to give a humbling touch to the style. The fabric from the cardigan shows so much culture that it only felt right to add earthy natural pieces to complete the look.

Ricardo Secco Meets Dent De Man

For this set I used the leather shirt from the Ricardo Secco collection and I added the shorts from the clothing line Bite by Dent De Man. My inspiration for this look was urban New York, something the likes of Drake and 2 Chainz would wear. People have started wearing the classic mustard yellow Timberland boots again, pairing them with shorts, and I surprisingly like it. I accessorized with a gold chain, a gold bracelet, a gold watch and a pair of yellowish/brown sunglasses. I made sure to use shorts that were different in colour and loud because even though there is gold, leather and bright colours in this outfit, I wanted it to stand out despite the other pieces. If you did not want that “feature” to your outfit, I gave an option of an alternative hat that would tie the pants into the outfit.

Libertine Meets Ohema Ohene

For this set I used the blazer from the Libertine collection and paired it with trousers from Ohema Ohene. This semi-casual look is meant to embrace the spring weather and add a pop of colour to a look that has the potential to be....simple. Similar to the “Ricardo Secco Meets Dent De Man” outfit, I've made sure the pants stand out in this outfit, making everything match naturally other than the pants. I would leave the blazer unbuttoned so you can see the shirt and wearing the shirt tucked in so you can see the belt is optional, but I would leave it out.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below.

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