Date Night Looks For Under £50!

Valentine's day is fast approaching, it's time to pull together some fabulous date night looks! I understand the realities of a tight budget so I've created a couple of looks that shouldn't break the bank but still leave you feeling like the belle of the ball.  

The Dinner and a Movie Date Look

This look is ideal for a low key fuss free date.  Perfect for a romantic dinner at your favourite local bistro, a cheesy flick and a scenic walk by the river. I've chosen to use spring time colours and prints because quite simply, I am done with winter. To keep the look weather appropriate, layer a vest under the dress, wear a decent pair of tights and don't forget your coat. This can be layered over a jacket if it's really chilly out.

The Oh So Fancy Bar Date

If you and your Valentine are going to be spending the night sampling designer cocktails, then this is the look for you. It's sophistication without the price tag. I've opted for mid heels just in case dancing is on the cards. You want to have the freedom to go wild on the dance floor without worrying about sore feet. 

1. Lace Detail Jumpsuit by Warehouse £20 2. Small Brass Fulani Earrings by BellaBellaJewelsUSA £9.45 3. Pointed Toe Pumps by Pull&Bear £9.99 4. Liquid Eyeliner by Eyeko £12 5. Kate Matte Red Lipstick By Rimmel £5.49

To all my fellow happy singletons, don't feel left out of the Valentine's day fun. It's on a Friday night this year, so show your bestie some love and treat her to a lovely dinner. Got a group of single friends? Then get glammed up and hit the town. Do not under any circumstances spend the night in a woe-is-me state snuggled up to your Ryan Gosling Pillow. You are better than that.