Food: Moinmoin In A Tin!


All the Nigerians in the room, please prepare to have your minds blown.  You can now get the most delicious of party foods Moinmoin, ready made and tinned for your convenience thanks to Nigerian food brand, Varo. For those not in the know, Moinmoin is best described as a savoury steamed bean pudding flavoured with peppers, onions, dried crayfish and spices. You can also add other elements like corned beef, boiled eggs and mackarel. It's traditionally served in banana leaves and is downright delicious. 

Moinmoin is notoriously time consuming to make. Preparing the beans takes at least an hour and steaming the pudding at least 45 minutes. I find this process so arduous, I've only done it once. I've had to satisfy my Moinmoin cravings by gatecrashing Nigerian weddings and birthday parties. Not any more! The joy of Varo's tinned Moinmoin is you can think about it and eat it in the space of five minutes.

You might be sceptical of the taste being as it comes in a tin and wasn't lovingly made by grandma but I can vouch for the flavour. I prefer my Moinmoin with a boiled egg but aside from that it has everything you would expect. Rich spicy flavour and wonderfully moreish.

Varo's Moinmoin is available at your local ethnic food store and selected branches of Tesco. Click here for a full list of stockists. 

Image courtesy of Varo Foods